My name is Seth Lorinczi.


Iā€™m a writer and musician, among other things. Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but raised in Washington, D.C., I feel fortunate to have participated in the punk scene that centered largely around Dischord Records.

These days I live with my family in Portland, Oregon. Whether writing words or music, my goal is to find the latent threads of meaning and emotion in our workaday lives, so that I can uncover them and write uncomfortably revealing blogs about them later.

My musical persona is called 2-Track Mind.

Photographs courtesy Margee Cooper Photography



Call me a content creator, journalist, editor, copywriter, content strategist; whatever you like, really. It all comes down to the same thing: I write words for you.

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In the past, I was reluctant to write about my own life, in large part because I felt it was unremarkable. This may well still be the case, but I'll leave that judgement up to you.

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