Call me a content creator, journalist, editor, copywriter, content strategist; whatever you like, really. It all comes down to the same thing: I write words for you.

Detail-oriented but forever drawn to the big picture, my “knack” is the ability to translate your thoughts, dreams and concepts into black and white, the sort that gives your message crystal clarity and impact. 

Whether you’re revolutionizing healthcare models, delivering real and lasting value to affordable housing owners and tenants, or simply want to tell a ripping yarn, I can help. Reach out anytime.


For the first ten-plus years of my career, I focused mainly on food writing and editorial work. These days, my work is generally copywriting and editing. You can download a resume as well.

  • Countless articles on and for the cannabis industry, including work for dispensaries, health care providersmarketers and sites such as Leafly
  • Copy, editorial strategy and editing for MPower Oregon, an NGO dedicated to addressing both the affordable housing crisis and climate change through commonsense, sustainability and efficiency upgrades

  • Copy, brand strategy and editing for Zana Medical, a Bay Area startup bridging the critical gap between patients seeking authoritative information about cannabis and the physicians with expertise to provide such treatment

  • Producer and co-host for Eyes Wide Shut, a podcast about clinical cannabis and insomnia